Anne Savedge Artist Photographer

The Four Seasons


           The “Seasons & Gardens” images are created by scanning natural objects. Starting in the summer, visits to friends and relatives homes turned up new and interesting types of natural life which were then scanned to create the still life. In these images, I see the course of the year as it is unfolding in nature. They are intended to show the specific seasons and to reflect the places and people that are related to the subject. This series is beginning to move into the winter and spring, so there will be more to come.
          Every still life was done in reverse. It requires that I think of what is under the image rather than what is on top. Keeping the objects in place is a challenge, but it also gives the images a little randomness that adds to the final outcome. I never am sure of how it is going to look until it is actually scanned. I can then change it, but can’t always make it stay in place, as I would like to have it. The result is always a surprise.
         The images are printed on an Epson 4000 using Ultrachrome ink on Watercolor Radiant White paper.